Improve Your Lawn By Improving Your Clay Soil

Improve Your Lawn by Improving Your Clay Soil

Even if a lawn is healthy the clay soil is likely restricting its growth in some area. Lawns can struggle in clay because of its fine soil particles that can get tightly packed and result in a dense soil structure. This dense structure mechanically locks up nutrients, restricts root development and resists air and water flow resulting in poor drainage.   Roots remain near the surface leaving them susceptible to heat and pests as well as require more frequent watering. Thatch may also tend to accumulate with clay soil due to poor biological activity.

Health lawns need healthy fertile soil.  You can improve your lawn by improving your clay soil.  Healthy soil is responsible for breaking down and changing complex matter such as compost, thatch and fertilizer into its base components. Clay soil can be lacking in soil bacteria, microbes and soil humus and can therefore be ineffective at converting fertilizer into plant nutrients as well as composting thatch back into the soil.

To try to improve the health and growth of the lawn most owners add amendments or mechanically amend the soil.

Fertilizer is often the go to solution for lawns because when the lawn is growing poorly it is reasonable to think it is due to poor nutrition.  Fertilizer will help improve the color and growth of the lawn for a few months but has to be applied frequently to maintain these results.  It may become less and less effective with each subsequent application. Extensive fertilizer applications can lead to higher levels of nitrates in the soil.  This can diminished soil microbial activity leading to poor soil health.

Power Aeration can also help temporarily, but the dense clay structure will return as water moves the small clay particles back into the created air spaces.

Gypsum or lime can help battle against dispersion of clay particles and aid in improving the structure of clay.  The positive effects of are short lived, often a few months.

ClayMend can help improve your lawn by improving your clay soil.  It is a liquid that is easy to apply.  It can get into the clay where other amendments are limited.  It has long term benefits.  Improvement continues with repeated use.  Start to improve your lawn by improving your clay soil today with ClayMend.

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