Recycle Your Garden Waste Right in the Soil

Aggressively break down even the hardest garden waste

right in the soil where the nutrients are recycled

and become available for your next growing season.

How GardenRecycle works to break down all of your old plant material

Addressing Variations in Plant Makeup

Plants consist of material in various stages of density or hardness. GardenRecycle contains a broad spectrum of microbes and the organic acids that will support them in the soil.  This spectrum of micro organisms work to aggressively break down all parts of old garden plants including the soft fleshy parts such as leaves, the medium connecting parts such as stems and the hard woody cellulose parts such as stalks.  It works in conjunction with the soil to assist macro organisms and to make beneficial changes to the soil such as pH balance, natural aeration, nutrient loading, etc. throughout the breakdown process.

Microbes and Enzymes

GardenRecycle works to encourage higher microbial populations and encourages production of helpful materials such as enzymes that enables other macro organisms such as earthworms and arthropods to process high volumes of old organic material.  The macro organisms process volumes of material and the micro organisms work to process the residual plant material along with the waste of the macro organisms.  This results in the production of humates and organic acids that further improve the environment of the soil.  The new environment helps increase water efficiency and reduce fertilizer runoff.

Carbon Holding Nutrients

Carbon from the plant residue becomes available to hold nutrients and the micro organisms process the nutrients from the old organic waste and store them to the carbon particles and any clay particles that may be available for nutrient storage.  These nutrients will then be available to new plants for the next growing season.  Because the carbon from the old plants has the capacity to hold several times its weight in nutrients and water it will help reduce fertilizer pollution if fertilizer needs to be applied during the growing season and reduce water usage.

Past Problems

GardenRecycle is an all-natural probiotic soil amendment that encourages microbial activity necessary to break down all parts of old organic garden waste right in the dirt.  In the past crop residue was too heavy to break down completely enough through the winter or non-growing season to use the soil for the next growing season.  The residual garden waste would continue breaking down during the next growing season taking energy away from the new crops.

A New Approach

In order to eliminate this problem in the past, the old plant material would often be burned.  In order to reduce pollution from burning GardenRecycle works biologically to break down the old material.  This improves both air quality and soil quality.

8 Ways GardenRecycle Works in Your Soil

1. Aggressively breaks apart old plant residue

2. Works synergistically with beneficial macro organisms in the soil.

3. Promotes health of beneficial macro organisms in the soil.

4. Increases nutrient holding capacity of the soil.

5. Processes nutrients through increased microbial activity.

6. Releases organic carbon, making it available for nutrient storage.

8. Moves the pH of the soil toward neutral.

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