Using SoilEnliven

Start to Invigorate Your Plants by Invigorating Your Soil with SoilEnliven

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1 Apply PetiGreen

It's easy - Apply SoilEnliven with a Hose End Applicator

You simply apply SoilEnliven to your garden or lawn. Use a hose end applicator designed for liquids.

2 Water in After Application

Water SoilEnliven Into the Soil After Applying

After you have applied SoilEnliven, water the area for a few minutes to wash it into the soil. Apply SoilEnliven where plants are growing or areas to be planted.  SoilEnliven is not harmful to plants.

3 Repeat

Repeating Each Time You Fertilize Can Be Beneficial

Repeating applications of SoilEnliven each time you apply fertilizer can help microbes efficiently process the fertilizer and improve nutrient delivery to your plants.

Application Instructions

Unlike other liquid fertilizers and amendments that give you a dilution amount or setting on a sprayer, SoilEnliven is applied based on the size of the area you would like to treat. Many hose end applicators come with general instructions for applying other fertilizers. Disregard the instructions that come with the sprayer when applying SoilEnliven.

Follow the Steps Below

Deliver Nutrients Efficiently

To Your Plants

with SoilEnliven

Before You Get Started

First, you will need a hose end applicator designed to measure and apply liquids. Spray applicators that are designed to dissolve powders (like Miracle Gro) will not evenly distribute liquids.

Applicators that are designed for liquids are available at many of the big box hardware stores, many local hardware stores and many nurseries. You can also order online from internet retailers such as

Ortho Dial-N-Spray
Chameleon Sprayer

Application in Three Easy Steps



Measure Product

First determine the area you need to treat. Then simply reference the recommended application amount listed on the product label. All our recommended application amounts are stated in ounces of product per 100 sq. ft. of treatment area. You can use a measuring cup or use an applicator bottle that has measurements marked on it.

How to determine the square footage of your lawn

Get an approximate measurement of the area to be treated. An easy way to approximate the square footage is to pace off the yard. One walking step of an adult is generally considered to be approximately 3 feet. Pace off the length of the area and then the width of the area that you would like to amend. Most yards have strange curves and separate areas, we just need an estimate so pace to the furthest point. Multiplying the number of paces by 3 will give you total length and width in feet. Multiplying the width in feet times the length in feet will give you the total sq. footage. (L x W = total sq. ft.) This will be a rough approximation but adequate for our products.


Pour into Applicator

Pour Product Into Applicator Bottle

Use your hose end applicator bottle to measure the product or pour the measured amount of product from your measuring cup into your hose end applicator bottle. Only use a hose end sprayer designed for liquids. Applicators designed to dissolve powders will not provide an even application with our products. The liquid applicators apply the product at a constant rate and the bottle will empty as you apply it.

Pour enough water into the applicator to fill it

For most application we generally fill the remainder of the bottle to increase the volume enough to cover the measured area. The water is only to increase the volume enough to get the product evenly distributed over the area. If you are only applying a few ounces of product it can be hard to get the sprayer to siphon out that small an amount without adding water for volume. The instructions for many hose end sprayers will say not to add water at this point. This is one of the areas that we deviate from their instructions. Because we measure based on square footage instead of dilution the amount of water is not important.


Apply PetiGreen

Spray Onto Measured Area

Spray evenly over the measured area until applicator bottle is empty. Some hose end sprayers have an adjustable dial for dilution. Set the dial to 1 oz. and spray evenly over the area until the hose end bottle is empty. Keep an eye on the amount left in the bottle as you spray to make sure you are applying the product evenly. To get an idea of how fast to walk you can fill the applicator with water and see how fast it empties as you walk.

Turn on your sprinklers after applying the product

Spray area with water or turn sprinklers on for a few minutes to wash product into the soil. All of our products can be sprayed directly on lawns, on and around garden plants, on or around shrubs and trees or directly on bare soil. When applying to areas that are planted apply as close to the soil as possible. Our products will not harm the plants but if left on the leaves will not help the soil. Rinse it off of the plants with additional water. Our products can be applied over the top of ground cover or compost, but just like with planted area water long enough after applying to wash off ground cover or compost and into the soil.

Additional Application Information

  1. SoilEnliven is an inexpensive liquid amendment that is easy to apply directly to your garden, your lawn or around your trees and shrubs.

  2. A single application will improve microbial health in your soil.  Applying SoilEnliven each time you fertilize will continue to strengthen microbes in the soil and improve nutrient delivery to your plants.

  3. As microbes process old plant residue they can leave your soil with the ability to hold more water and nutrients.

  4. SoilEnliven can be applied when temperatures are hot or cool even while it is raining.

Start to Feed the Microbes in Your Soil Today with SoilEnliven

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SoilEnliven 4 oz. Covers up to 5445 Sq. Ft.


Invigorate Soil Health with SoilEnliven

“Feed the soil, not the plants!” is an old gardening adage and still words to live by today. By feeding the soil we invigorate it with energy and vitality.

The 8 ounce bottle will cover an average 5445 sq. ft. lawn or garden.  Give it a try today.

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Here is Some Additional Information

that Might be Helpful to You

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How PetiGreen works

Here is How SoilEnliven Works

Soil microbes typically do not have the right environment or nutrients to function at high enough levels to maximize nutrient delivery to plants to achieve more robust plant growth. SoilEnliven helps improve the environment of the soil and delivers nutrients to the microbes that can help them process and deliver a wider spectrum of nutrients that can support more healthy robust plant growth.

Safe when Used as Directed

SoilEnliven is Safe for Kids and Pets when Used as Directed

SoilEnliven is safe for pets and kids when it is applied as directed. Apply SoilEnliven to your garden or lawn using a hose end applicator and then wash it into the soil after each application with your sprinklers.

Application Temperature

SoilEnliven can be Applied During Cool or Hot Temperatures

SoilEnliven can be applied any time of year even in hot and cool temperatures. It can be advantageous to apply SoilEnliven each time fertilizer is applied to your garden or lawn.
Apply when normal daytime temperatures are above 45° F. Microbial activity will go in and out of dormancy as the temperatures drop below 40° F and become active again above that temperature.
SoilEnliven can be applied even in hot temperatures and will still help improve soil health. We recommend applying it during the cooler part of the day, typically mornings are best. Summer heat can get to a point that it stresses grass and other plants even though biological activity is increasing and soil conditions are improving. SoilEnliven can be helpful to plants even in sweltering heat.

Keep Lawn Watered

Keep Your Lawn Adequately Watered

You should keep the lawn and garden adequately watered so the grass and plants gets a sufficient amount of water and there is enough moisture for any seeds you plant to germinate.
You should avoid too much water because it can hinder beneficial microbial activity and increase the chance of detrimental fungi.

Cut Fertilizer by at Least Half

You can Reduce Fertilizer Pollution

SoilEnliven helps improve the efficiency of your soil microbes to deliver more nutrients to your plants. By delivering more nutrients to your plants less fertilizer ends up as pollution downstream.

All Natural

SoilEnliven is All Natural

SoilEnliven is all natural consisting of naturally occurring ingredients including a proprietary blend of organic acids, beneficial soil microbes, nitrogen, iron, manganese and zinc.


PetiGreen can be mixed with ClayMend

SoilEnliven and ClayMend can be Mixed Together

You can mix SoilEnliven with our other soil amendments such as ClayMend, SoilMend or SandMend and apply them at the same time.

Neutralize Dog Urine

SoilEnliven and Soil pH

SoilEnliven help promote microbial activity that pushes soil toward neutral pH.

Safe for Vegetables

SoilEnliven is Beneficial to Vegetables, Lawns and More

SoilEnliven was designed to improve soil microbes which benefit plant growth including vegetables, lawns, shrubs, flowers and trees.


Frequently Asked Questions


What type of Applicator should I use?

Use a hose-end sprayer or for smaller area you can use a watering can.


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How SoilEnliven WorksLearn More About
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