How SoilMD works to neutralize soil contamination.

Soil contamination can restrict or prevent plant growth.

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What’s the dirt on soil contamination?

Soil can become contaminated from chemical spills, sterilizing agents, weed prevention products, construction waste, etc.

One of the most difficult problems a land owner faces is chemical toxins in the soil. These problems can occur where a product to prevent plant growth has been applied, such as a sterilizing agent, but the property use has been changed because it has been rezoned or it has been designated for a different use. For instance land that may have been an industrial complex with a massive parking lot has now been built up as residential housing.

The soil may contain contaminates from its former occupants or has been contaminated in the construction process, or both or been contaminated by some other means.


Neutralizing soil contamination with SoilMD.

In extreme cases toxic cleanup of an area may be required which involves physically removing the contaminated soil from the site and these are usually areas that pose a health risk to the population and the cleanup is usually done or overseen by some government agency.

But all soil contamination does not pose a health risk to people but may pose a health risk to plants.  A sterilizing agent may be used to keep an area free of plants, may be fine for people to use, but is clearly toxic to the plants.  Many such contaminates can be removed from the soil by separating the parts that make up the contaminates and in many cases this can be done with the right organic acids and microbial combinations.

That is exactly how SoilMD works.  It provides and environment that can get to the contaminates and work to break them down into their basic parts.  Any of these parts that might be toxic are stuck to the soil and encased by excretions form microbes essentially neutralizing the contaminates and all of their parts.

Let’s say we have a toxin such as a paint thinner that was dumped at a construction site.  It has an elaborate chemical construction that reads C2H5COCH3 .  In this layout the elements are paint thinner, but when we break the paint thinner down it becomes 4 Carbon elements, 8 Hydrogen elements and 1 Oxygen element, which are all beneficial to the soil as individual components.

Neutralizing herbicides with SoilMD.

Herbicides and pesticides are also strings of elements in a certain order that make them toxic to plants and insects.  A common herbicide is glyphosate which is C3H8NO5P.  It is toxic to plants in this arrangement but when we break it down we have 3 Carbon elements, 8 Hydrogen elements, 1 Nitrogen element, 5 Oxygen elements and 1 Phosphorus element which individually are beneficial to the soil.  SoilMD works to break down these toxins to return the soil to a productive, non-toxic state.

As an all-natural probiotic soil amendment that encourages microbial activity, SoilMD works to take toxins apart and restore the environment of toxic soil so that it becomes plant friendly again.

5 Ways SoilMD Works to Detoxify Soil

1. Address toxins from construction activity.

2. Detoxifies pesticides and herbicides.

3. Restores the soil to normal non toxic state.

4. Can detoxify herbicides from over-spray or accidental application if applied immediately after contamination.

5. Moves the pH of the soil toward neutral.


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