Health AbundantTM

Life Abundant™ may refer to a wide variety of life but it is also an overflowing of the positive properties and qualities that make up the life that we live.  One thing that can add to Life Abundant™ is Health Abundant™.

Health Abundant™ also starts in the soil where we work to deliver a broader spectrum of more balanced nutrients to plants.  This improves the health of the plants.  Healthier plants are naturally more resistant to insects and disease.  They tolerate more stress and are usually more resistant to deterioration.  Crops can then be stored for longer periods of time.

You can store foods such as apples in cold storage for longer periods of time.  They stay crisper, healthier and more flavorful than they are when grown in deficient soil conditions.  Longer shelf life means we can store these foods longer and enjoy them in the off seasons.  Growers can sell at more competitive prices extending their profits well into the off season.  This can reduce sticker shock in the produce department at your grocery store and reduce stress on our food supply overall.  The more abundant the quantity and quality of food, the closer we get to being able to overcome hunger in impoverished areas.

Nutrients and Minerals

If you read the Supplement Facts of many multivitamin and you’ll find they are actually multivitamin / multimineral formulations.  They include a list of vitamins and a list of trace minerals.  A better and tastier way to get our vitamins and trace minerals is directly through vegetables, fruits, and nuts.  Minerals obtained directly from plants are more bio-available to us than EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) chelated minerals you’ll find in multivitamin / multimineral tablets.

There is a belief that trace minerals are depleted from our soils.  In some cases this is true.  In many cases there is simply not enough beneficial biological activity in the soil to process these minerals and store them in soil humus.  The biological activity can be diminished due to excessive fertilization.  It may be deficient as a result of soil type or structure.  Toxins can restrict nutrient uptake.  The soil environment may simply not currently be able to support much biology.  But when we can utilize minerals that already exist in the soil through improved biological activity or restore trace minerals to the soil that also help support beneficial biological activity, healthier plants can result.  Healthier plants provide us with the benefits they offer including dietary fiber, proteins, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and trace minerals.

The World of Health Abundant™

Rich healthy soil delivers a wider spectrum of nutrients to plants which improve the well being of plants.  Of those plants the plants that we consume then hand off a wider spectrum of nutrients to us.  In the future we will will further explore the world of Health Abundant™.

Our products work to get the most out of our soil so that we get the most health benefits possible from the foods we grow helping us attain our goals of Health Abundant™ and Life Abundant™.