THANK YOU! This product has saved my life. I have been a home owner now for 2 years. I love my home but the biggest issue I was facing was standing water on the side of the house and across the back yard. After “storm” rain” I’m sure you can visualize the puddles of water just sitting. Sometimes it would take up to two days before the water would absorb into the ground. I did a consult for a french drain to mend the issues. Of course thousands of dollars. I’m so glad I decided to research products that could naturally help the issue. I found “Clay Mend”. I read the testimonials and I was still a little apprehensive but I figured its worth a try. So glad I did. I purchased the 8oz bottle. I applied two applications and IT REALLY WORKS! We have had some heavy rain in GA but I am so pleased to look out the window and not see water around my property. I have already purchased the 16oz bottle to apply another application right before fall. Thank you again!

Lacey J. – Atlanta, GA

My wife and I recently renovated a house and property that had been completely overgrown with lots of brush, briars, and poison ivy. We ended up clearing and regrading the property and it became very apparent that we had extremely heavy clay soil that did not drain well at all. Trying to grow a lawn was a disaster as we had standing pockets of water in areas that should have drained but didn’t, and the back of the property, where there were low spots and shade, just stayed swampy for weeks at a time and it was impossible to get lawn to grow there, or even to walk there without sinking up to your ankles in mud.

I found the ClayMend product on the web, and decided to give it a try even though none of my friends who were landscapers, or the people at the local gardening centers, had ever heard of it. I applied ClayMend twice during reseeding in the fall of 2018, and once in spring of 2019 and the difference is amazing. I no longer have any standing water anywhere; my “swamp” in the backyard is now usable property, has a lawn, and can be walked upon without sinking, even right after a rain, and my lawn and shrubs are very healthy. It has become a bit of a problem keeping up with the lawn cutting because it grows so fast, but I can live with that!

As a scientist I was skeptical about how well this might work, but the reasoning behind the product was sound. I did think it would probably take a few years for this to rehabilitate my soil, but it was apparent that it was working after the second treatment. I will continue to use this product because my ground can still use some improvement in certain areas, but the difference is truly incredible after only three treatments.

I would certainly recommend this product for anyone in a similar situation as it has allowed us to rehabilitate property that we thought was going to be a long-term nightmare. It greatly improved our soil drainage and helped us get a really healthy lawn started in a really short time.

[Note added by HumicGreen: John (Jack) R. PhD, FBSE, works at NYU and has worked to develop leading edge technology for the dental industry that will help improve the lives of millions of people.  We want to acknowledge his contributions and accomplishments!]

Jack and Connie R. – Middletown, NJ

Remarkable product!

Didn’t think your product Claymend would work. I set up an experiment to see if and how well it worked. I put equal amounts of clay from the same hole in two separate containers. Both given the same amount of water. One was treated with Claymend, the other was not. I set them in a window and waited. In only a couple weeks the difference was night and day! I couldn’t believe it!  I even took pictures. Remarkable product!

Laura M. – Snohomish, WA

At the time we adopted Blue we did not have grass in our back yard, I installed SOD last summer (ST. Augustine) so that Blue could enjoy running around on grass. At first, I was discouraged when our grass would completely die everywhere Blue urinated. I started using PetiGreen last year (about November), and it has been working pretty well for me (and blue). I intend on continued use of Petigreen to keep my lawn looking beautiful, and i have already recommended the product to several dog owners that i have come in contact with at our local dog park.

Jeff C. – Canyon Country, CA

Baron and Baxter desperately hate winter! All winter long, they take one step off the patio and pee! It leaves us with a giant dead spot when spring arrives. I apply PetiGreen and seed it, and it’s back in no time!

Linda B. – Hudson, WI

It’s [PetiGreen] the only thing I’ve found to combat the stream of urine this guy produces!  He is now 2 years old and weighs 85 pounds. I’ve seen him stand in one place for nearly 2 minutes emptying his bladder! Oy vey!

Roger I. – Austin, TX

Thank you so much!

I love ClayMend and I have recommended it to many.  My friend moved from Georgia to Tennessee and complained about standing water after rains and how hard the soil was to work because of clay.  I told her about ClayMend and she ordered a large amount for their lawn and flower beds.  I told my local Lawn and Garden store in Amarillo, TX about it because the soil here is thick, sticky clay when wet and hard as cement when dry.  I have large flower beds around our fence line and next to our house.  I lost new shrubs all of the time because they would get root rot from water not draining.  ClayMend solved all of my problems!!!  I applied it first in 2013 and to this day I have soft, workable soil.  I ordered it again because I have a few trouble spots and it makes our grass look insane and my flowers are beautiful!!

June B. – Amarillo, TX

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