Address Critical Soil Contamination with SoilMD

Can’t get your plants to grow?

Nothing seems to work?

You may have harsh contamination of your soil?

Address critical soil contamination with SoilMD.

Soil can become contaminated by toxins from construction waste,

pesticide build-up, herbicide residue and other chemical or industrial material.

SoilMD works to detoxify contaminated soil.

SoilMD is designed to break down multiple types of toxins and helps restore your soil.

Helps break down harsh chemical toxins

SoilMD works to break down harsh toxins in the soil from construction waste, industrial and commercial waste as well as accidental chemical spills.

Restores soil naturally

Natural biological activity works to break down toxins even sterilizing agents that may end up in the soil.

Helps break down toxic herbicides

SoilMD even works on toxic herbicides that may build-up in the soil.

Helps break down toxic pesticides

Break down toxic pesticides that may end up in the soil with SoilMD.

Improves soil pH

Soil toxins can put soil pH out of balance. SoilMD improves the environment of the soil and as the environment of the soil to improves it can sustain more detoxifying microbial activity. Microbial activity naturally moves soils toward a neutral pH regardless of which direction the soil is out of balance. The more of this organic microbial activity that occurs, the more the soil moves to a neutral pH.

Resuscitate your soil with SoilMD

SoilMD is a liquid solution that works to detoxify harsh chemical soil contamination and restore the soil for healthy plant growth. It helps improve the environment of soils and encourages biological activity that targets harsh chemical toxins.

Some soil toxins, such as soil exposed to radiation, must be removed but most of the harsh chemical toxins that are found as a result of construction waste can be addressed with SoilMD.

SoilMD can rapidly breakdown herbicides accidentally applied to plants and from herbicide over-spray if applied immediately after the herbicide is applied.


How often should you apply SoilMD?

To Detoxify Soil

Apply an application of SoilMD every week for 4 weeks.

To Save Plant from Toxic Over-Spray

For garden plants that are accidentally contaminated, soak plants and surrounding soil thoroughly with SoilMD and repeat two or three times every hour.

For trees that are accidentally treated with herbicide, apply SoilMD immediately after accidental application and soak leaves and branches as well as the soil around the tree to cover roots.  Repeat every day for 5 days.

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