Give Your Sandy Soil More Body for Better Plant Support

and Increase Its Nutrient Storage Capacity.

To understand how SandMend’s unique formula works to improve sandy soil,

it is important to take a look at the problem surrounding sandy soil.

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What’s the dirt on sandy soil?

Sandy soil can be a challenge for anyone who loves their lawn and garden. The structure of sandy soil can make it difficult to grow vegetation for three main reasons. We typically want good water flow through our soil but sandy soil have such an extreme flow that very little water remains in the soil after it rains or is otherwise watered. Particles of sand that exist in the soil cannot hold nutrients and due to water flow nutrients can be rapidly leached out of the soil and end up downstream. Sandy soil can be transitory and lack the structure that physically supports plants. This may not be noticed as much because plant growth may be limited due to lack of nutrients and lack of adequate water even in areas with a lot of rainfall.

The three main problems associated with sandy soil are related to each other. The composition of sandy soil with high sand content reduces its nutrient storage capacity. The structure of the sandy soil can create high water flow and inability to physically support robust plant growth and holding on to nutrients it does get becomes a challenge.

It may be a challenge but your sandy soil can be improved and actually become productive.


Improving Sandy Soil Starts with SandMend

SandMend uses proprietary organic acids and carbon particles along with micro organisms in order to give structure and body to sandy soil.  Carbon is relatively stable in the soil, even in sandy soil.  Organic acids along with the carbon start the process by improving the sandy soil so that more microbes can survive and thrive.  The activity of the microbes includes excretions that act like glue to hold sandy particles together and bond carbon particles where nutrients can be stored.  Nutrients stored on carbon particles resist leaching by rain and other irrigation and when they are not leached out of the soil they become available for plants to consume.  Carbon particles can also hold many times their own weight in water so more water is captured rather than flowing away.

We also highly recommend that you add a lot of organic material to your sandy soil to further improve it.  The closer you are to the growing season the more you will want compost that has mostly been processed.  If you are at the end of the growing season then we recommend that you recycle your old garden waste, leave and stems and use our GardenRecycle to help break it down between growing seasons.  As this old garden waste is digested humates are created, additional carbon is added and nutrients from the old garden material are stored in the soil for future use.

SandMend Restructures and Improves Sandy Soil

As an all-natural probiotic soil amendment that encourages microbial activity, SandMend works to restructure soil. Soil particles are bound together to create a stronger more stable soil structure. In addition the microbial activity improves the environment of the soil moving the soil toward a neutral pH.


SandMend Gives Body to Your Sandy Soil

6 Ways SandMend Works to Improve Sandy Soil

1. Restructures sandy soil giving it more body.

2. Improves environment of sandy soil to support increased microbial activity.

3. Adds carbon particles that create nutrient storage sites in the soil.

4. Increases fertilizer efficiency by reducing fertilizer previously lost through leaching (runoff).

5. Moves the pH of the soil toward neutral.

6. Improves water storage to help conserve water.


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