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Life AbundantTM

The term Life Abundant™ simply refers to a wide variety of life including life in the soil, life in the garden, life in our waters, life in the animals that surround us, and the life each of us are living.

News stories about the extensive damage excessive use of fertilizers have to life in our streams, gulfs and coastal waters are becoming more and more frequent. The existence of this damage testifies to the problem that is causing the damage but more significantly the sheer number of locations around the world that report such damage testify to how vast the problem has become.

For us at HumicGreen the term Life Abundant™ reminds us of our goal to restore and improve life that has been diminished or negatively impacted by the way we have used our lands. By making fundamental changes to the way we manage our lands we not only can reduce fertilizer pollution in our soil, fertilizer pollution downstream is reduced allowing natural ecosystems to be restored. As these systems recover the aquatic and animal life downstream can be restored. When we treat soil properly we can actually realize more abundant lawns, gardens and crops and more abundant health of our plants which leads to more abundant health for ourselves and life abundant all around us. More abundant plants also decrease the amount of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and exchanges it for the oxygen we breath.

The Impact of Excessive Nitrogen in the Soil

Nitrogen pollution has been identified as one of the causes of the extensive widespread damage to our waterways. The philosophy that a little nitrogen is good then a lot must be better just doesn’t hold water. In fact, excessive nitrogen fertilizer application to soil can actually impede plant growth. When the soil is watered with an irrigation system or naturally as rain, excess nitrogen can be leached out of the soil with the water. As we all know water flows downward, down into the soil, down into the ground water and down into our streams, tributaries, rivers, lakes, estuaries, gulfs and coastal waters and the nitrogen flows right along with it.

Nitrogen in these waters can create algae blooms which not only make the water toxic but as the algae dies the decay process removes oxygen from the water. This can devastate aquatic life in the streams, in the rivers and all the way to the ocean. As aquatic life is depleted, the animals that rely on it are impacted.

Nitrogen rich runoff may originate from farms or it may come from our home lawns and gardens, but the result is the same, diminished life. As stated earlier, nitrogen is just one thing that can cause ecological damage. It is this kind of damage to our environment that has motivated us to develop products that will work to help restore these ecosystems in order to achieve Life Abundant™.

Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

When we think of excessive amounts carbon dioxide (CO2), our reaction for a solution may be to restrict anything that produces carbon dioxide such as automobiles, power plants, beer, etc. However, there is another way to address atmospheric carbon dioxide and that is with plants.

Here’s how it works. Plants take in and utilize carbon dioxide through a process we are all familiar with called photosynthesis. Those plants return some carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere but the photosynthetic process converts much of the carbon dioxide into carbon rich plant structures which we use for food, fiber, and building materials.

The amount of carbon that a plant uses is 45% to 50% of its dry weight. That’s a lot of carbon that comes out of the atmosphere and it explains why we call life forms on earth carbon based life forms. Oxygen, released into the atmosphere as a byproduct of photosynthesis, provides us the oxygen we need to live. When a plant dies the majority of the carbon in the plant is biologically decomposed and becomes soil humus. Plants act as a kind of cyclic pump, taking carbon from carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and eventually storing this carbon in the soil as plant nutrient rich humus which becomes fertilizer to grow another generation of plants. All of the carbon used to build plant structures comes from the atmosphere. The carbon that is returned to the soil can hold nutrients but it always stays in the soil.

A Sustainable System

We have just described a sustainable system through which potentially harmful carbon dioxide, released into our atmosphere from our highly industrialized society, can be processed and cycled through plants to produce our food supply and eventually returned to the soil to provide nutrition to grow another generation of plants. This microbially processed organic carbon or soil humus provides us with rich healthy soil, provides a reservoir of plant nutrients.  It acts as a storehouse for atmospheric carbon, the carbon found in carbon dioxide.

More plant growth enhances this chain reaction resulting in better lawns and gardens while lowering amounts of atmospheric carbon dioxide, and improves soil with higher amounts of humus. If you can double the growth of your lawn or garden, you will essentially process twice as much carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and the carbon will eventually end up stored in the soil while the oxygen returns to the atmosphere.


Power Plant Tomatoes

Some growers have teamed up with power plants to build their greenhouses adjacent to the power plants so that they can use the carbon dioxide from the power plant in growing their crops such as tomatoes. They can use excess heat generated by the power plant to heat their greenhouses and grow fruits and vegetables even in cold winter climates. This cooperation helps restrict carbon dioxide and heat from being introduced into the atmosphere while utilizing it for the growth of strong healthy plants.

We don’t have to attach our houses directly to a power plant. With a nice lawn and even a small garden you too can participate in the process of reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide by improving the growth of your own lawn and garden plants and in time directing the carbon into the soil. So we can see how carbon dioxide makes the journey from tailpipe to atmosphere, from atmosphere to plant, and from plant to soil where it stays and becomes part of a system that will encourage even more soil productivity in the future.

Our products are designed to improve even the harshest soils so that they can be much more productive and will work to strengthen plant growth and overall health. As individuals we may just be trying to have a greener lawn and more beautiful garden but in doing so we are also participating in naturally balancing atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Less Burden, More Life™

Many garden and soil amendments require substantial efforts to use which, even if they were more sustainable, the difficulty in applying them discourages their use. In contrast the products we offer to achieve Life Abundant™ and Health Abundant™ not only tackle some of the most difficult soil problems, they are less of a burden to apply and are generally more effective and more sustainable than other amendments. We believe because there is less burden to achieve more life it will motivate more people to participate in achieving their own goals of Life Abundant™ and Health Abundant™. It may even result in being able to enjoy a little more time in the pool.

Green, Clean, and Sustainable™

The products we offer help in our pursuit toward Life Abundant™ and Health Abundant™. Our soil amendment products not only protect the soil environment they work to improve it in ways that are Green, Clean and Sustainable™. Their benefits follow a natural progression from improved soil health to positive changes in plant growth and health, in air and water quality, in less pollution downstream helping restore ecosystems, and ultimately enhanced personal health and life style.

Simple Solutions to Complex Problems™

Some soils have a diminished ability to be productive. Others almost completely lack the ability to grow vegetation. Soils can be unproductive simply based on the type of soil such as clay soil. Other soils become unproductive based on their history such as soils that have been neglected, are declining due to excessive nitrogen from livestock operations, over fertilization or even pet urine, are impeded by natural or chemical toxins, or have natural challenges such as heavy clay or coarse sandy soils. Increasing the ability of difficult soils to be productive has been our goal, to address complex soil problems. Our products serve as ways to attain Life Abundant™ and Health Abundant™ by addressing these complex soil problems.

In addition they can help invigorate soil, provide some relief from heat and drought stress, improve seed germination and emergence, and enhance root growth.

Simple Solutions to Complex Problems™

PetiGreen Logo

Controls Dog Urine Spots

Restores the ability of the soil to grow grass where excess nitrogen from dog urine can cause damage to lawns for more abundant quality of life for your lawn.

ClayMend Logo

Improves Clay Soil

Restructure hard clay soil to allow for better root penetration. Opens soil to improve flow of air and water, and improve access of fertilizer for more abundant plant life.

SoilEnliven Logo

Invigorates Soil and Plants

Provides nutrients for beneficial soil microbes. Uses enzymatic activity to process nutrients including soil minerals for more complete balanced diet for plants. This leads to more abundant quality of life for both soil and plant.

SoilMend Logo

Restores Declining Soil

Restores life to good soil that has been neglected, has diminished microbial activity, has been negatively impacted by excessive fertilizing, etc.

SandMend Logo

Improves Sandy Soil

Helps improve the body of sandy soil to support more abundant plant life, improves nutrient holding capacity, and helps reduce fertilizer runoff.

SoilCleanse Logo

Reduces Natural Soil Toxins

Helps restore more abundant quality and quantity of life in soil that is impacted by toxins that are naturally occurring in the soil.

GardenRecycle Logo

Recycles Garden Waste in the Soil

Returns old garden waste back to the soil eliminating the need for garden compost piles. Returns nutrients to the soil for more abundant sustainable quality of garden life.

SoilMD Logo

Resuscitates Chemically Toxic Soil

Helps breakdown many chemical toxins such as construction chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides that may enter and damage the soil. Resuscitates damaged soil to productive soil so more abundant quantity and quality of life can grow.

AcuteRoot Logo

Boosts Root Development

Assists in root development and strength in early plant growth that translates to more abundant quality of mature plant life.



MineralMend Logo

Restores Trace Minerals to the Soil

Reestablishes trace minerals in the soil where they have been depleted resulting in more abundant quality of life and health of plants that can lead to the same for us.



PastureMend Logo

Improves Pastures and Processes Solid Livestock Waste

Restores productivity of pastures damaged by excessive waste from livestock for more abundant life for both plants and livestock. Controls excessive nitrogen runoff reducing nitrogen pollution downstream. Processes solid waste in livestock waste lagoons.



More to Come Logo

More to Come

We stay pretty busy working on new ways to achieve Life Abundant™ and Health Abundant™. Check back with us from time to time to see what innovations we have in store.

Health AbundantTM

Healthy soil not only leads us to Life Abundant™ it also leads us to Health Abundant™.  A healthy rich soil rich in nutrients leads to foods that are more healthy and richer in nutrients.

Assistance and support!

Assistance and Support

Our products have been designed to address difficult soil conditions and assist in other lawn and garden objectives. We have worked to provide content on our website that presents our products, and explains how they work and how to use them.

Though we strive to be thorough on our website giving you the information you need and allowing you to absorb the material at your own pace. It is presented in a way that makes sense to us but we still understand that it may not be clear to you.

We understand that some people prefer to gather their information on their own.  Other people may want to talk to a person. We’d love to talk to you and we’re even kinda nice.  If you would like us to clarify or validate or make an inquiry about something we have not covered, we are generally available during business hours.

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