You Can Stop Dog Urine from Killing Your Grass

Start now to stop dog urine from killing your grass.

PetiGreen is an all-natural soil amendment which is beneficial to the environment that controls dog urine spots, improves the look of your lawn and is safe for your children, your pets and your plants when used as directed.  You can stop dog urine from killing your grass whether it is Kentucky Blue Grass, Fescue, Rye, St. Augustine, Marathon, Zoysia, etc. because PetiGreen is effective for all types of grass.

Dog urine can create the strong odor of ammonia that can rise up from the soil making outdoor grilling or gatherings in your yard rather unpleasant.  The odor can be eliminated using PetiGreen.  It converts the nitrogen in the urea, which produces the smell of ammonia, into nitrates and nitrites eliminating the urine odor.

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Tired of Dog Urine Spots?

Do these photos look painfully familiar? If so, you are not alone. We know; we’ve been there. The excessive amount of nitrogen in dog pee can be toxic to a lawn, but the PetiGreen program can help restore the pH balance of your grass and soil, and make your yard the envy of all your neighbors once again.  It can stop dog urine from killing your grass over time as it helps build the population of environmentally beneficial soil microbes.

Whether you need to restore a badly damaged lawn or control urine spots before they get out of hand, PetiGreen can help.

New Dog Urine Spots Starting To Show
Yellow Grass Spots

Has a lawn care professional told you that nothing can be done?

If you are working with a lawn care specialist or home owner’s association that handles yard maintenance, your lawn may be treated with products that are compounding the damage that the dog urine is causing. Many do not realize that fertilizer with nitrogen is making things worse. We can help you work through these challenges, and would love to talk with you more about how we can help. Give us a call today (801) 889-2350.

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PetiGreen has been reviewed by Hedgehog Custom Gardening, LLC in Bend, Oregon. They are a cutting edge lawn care company who has now become a GreenTeam expert. Before recommending PetiGreen to their valued customers and friends they wanted to test the PetiGreen Program for themselves. They have documented their experience complete with pictures that you can review on their website. The article is entitled Got dog Urine spots? Be sure to check out the rest of their site and services they offer.


Pictures from Some Happy PetiGreen Users

Click on picture for more examples.

A few PetiGreen users were kind enough to send us pictures we could share with you.  You can stop dog urine from killing your grass too!

We Care About the Safety

of Our #PetiGreenPups

as Much as You Do

“Years ago we lost three Lhasa Apsos to the same liver disease, and I believe that all the chemicals on our lawn were to blame. So for 12 years I haven’t used any fertilizer. We do rescue work and currently have five basset hounds, so the lawn was awful. I was so embarrassed to have people over, but I wasn’t willing to use fertilizer or chemicals. I needed a product that was not extremely expensive and was safe for the dogs where I could have a nice yard and still have the dogs. A friend recommended PetiGreen, and after researching it, I felt comfortable trying it. We started seeing results right away. Now I apply it every six to eight weeks, and the lawn looks great. “

-Don, Salt Lake City


Clooney’s “mom” Jean has been a loyal customer for years because she knows we care about Clooney’s safety as much as she does:
“I’m so glad to have found a product that is effective, but more importantly, one that is safe for my dogs. I do not allow harsh chemicals in my yard, whether they be weed killers or insecticides or fertilizers, because I do not want the dogs coming in contact with those products in any way. I have full confidence that PetiGreen is nontoxic and will not harm my dogs.”
-Jean, Salt Lake City, Utah

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PetiGreen is a soil amendment for dog owners that helps control and prevent urine damage to lawns while increasing the overall health of the soil, grass, and other plant life.

Additional Benefits for Your Lawn

  • Improves the overall health, color and growth of your lawn
  • Works to reduce thatch build-up in your lawn
  • Builds and deepens grass roots
  • Promotes better water utilization and the ability of the lawn to tolerate hot summer temperatures
  • Increased biological activity moves your soil toward a neutral pH
  • Can be applied directly to new sod
  • Helps establish new sod and newly seeded lawns

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