Feed Your Soil Microbes and Invigorate Plant Growth.

Over time soil microbes can diminish in population and lose the energy that allows them to work to their capacity.  SoilEnliven helps enliven those microbes and bring back the health an productivity of the soil.

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Why enliven the soil?

The more beneficial biological activity that exists in the soil the more productive the soil can become.  As the name implies SoilEnliven helps enliven the soil by processing old organic material and minerals to extract the nutrients they hold.  The more of the available nutrients that exist in the soil the more soil microbes, macro organisms, and plants can utilize them and really bring the soil to life.  A lively soil simply has the ability to be more productive.


How SoilEnliven Invigorates the Soil

SoilEnliven contains a proprietary blend of organic acids with nutrients that support beneficial soil microbes, soil macro organisms, and plant growth.  The organic acids and nutrients provide an environment where beneficial microbes can increase enzymatic activity, breaking down old plant matter and processing minerals in the soil to increase the availability of soil nutrients.  The nutrients fuel the microbes so that they can process fertilizers, naturally occurring nutrients such as beneficial minerals and nutrients locked up in organic matter.  In addition as the organic matter is broken down nutrient storing carbon accumulates in the soil.  As the nutrients get processed the organic acids then help deliver the nutrients in their available states to plant feeder roots.

SoilEnliven is an all-natural probiotic soil amendment that strengthens microbial activity.  Organic acids in SoilEnliven improve the environment of the soil to promote healthier microbial environments that will help invigorate microbes to break down old plant residue, returning nutrients to the soil and delivering them to your plants.

Clay Soil Amendment

SoilEnliven Brings Life to Your Soil That in Turn Brings Life to Your Plants

8 Ways SoilEnliven Works to Improve Plant Growth

1. Instrumental in the production of humus which improves the soil environment.

2. Feeds beneficial soil microbes to improve conditions of the soil.

3. Processes nutrients more thoroughly through microbial activity.

4. Breaks apart old plant residue, returning nutrients to the soil.

5. Releases organic carbon, making it available for nutrient storage.

6. Increases fertilizer efficiency, and less fertilizer is lost through runoff and volatilization.

8. Moves the pH of the soil toward neutral.

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Invigorate Soil Health with SoilEnliven

“Feed the soil, not the plants!” is an old gardening adage and still words to live by today. By feeding the soil we invigorate it with energy and vitality.

If you aren’t already using SoilEnliven give it a try today.

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