At a Glance

  • Our company was established in April of 2011
  • We are located in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Our business name, HumicGreen, LLC, is derived from the word humus which is the dark rich organic material in the soil that stores nutrients and water, and is a key component of soil life. Humic refers to things that relate to humus, that play a role in the development of abundant Green plant life.

Life Abundant™ and the Environment

Are you the kind of person who cares deeply about the environment of our air and our soil and our water?  So are we!

Have you read about the use of excessive amounts of fertilizers that get into our ground water and enter our streams and rivers that meander down to our gulfs and oceans and about all the life that is impacted along the way?  You can’t blink without hearing about carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

We have and have always had a strong desire to use our knowledge to genuinely help people.  In keeping with that desire we have developed products that work to address soil issues that are designed to reduce pollutants and protect our air our soil and our water and promote what we call Life Abundant™.

Less Burden, More Life™

We invite you to explore our website where we share information about our easy to use products that address some of the soil issues we have today and hope to have you join us in our quest for Life Abundant™.