HumicGreen, LLC

The founders at HumicGreen have worked with soil science pioneers to develop a line of comprehensive, easy to use, environmentally beneficial soil improvement products for the homeowner.

When homeowners begin to understand the importance of soil fertility, microbial activity, natural aeration, and more, they can wean their lawns and gardens off of the habitual excessive use of fertilizer and unleash the HumicGreen machine that is powered by Mother Nature.

What Can HumicGreen Do For You

At HumicGreen we develop innovative solutions for improved plant health and productivity as well as tough soil problems.

  • Product Innovation

    Revolutionary soil technologies from industry leading scientist have developed products that can remediate soil issues traditional lawn and garden fertilizers are unable to address and often mask.

  • Environment

    Fertilizer pollution is an escalating problem in our world. By working with Mother Nature our products build the health and productivity of the soil naturally.  We call it being “Powered By Mother Nature”.  Products developed with mother natures own systems are beneficial to the environment as well as safe for your family and pets.

  • Customer Focus

    Our policy toward customer service is “whatever it takes” We hope all of our customers will use our products for years to come so we go to great lengths to ensure all of our customers are satisfied with every transaction.

Our Product Solutions

At a Glance

  • We are located in beautiful Salt Lake City Utah

  • Our company was established in April of 2011

  • We opened our Web Store in November 2012

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