Invigorate Soil Health with SoilEnliven

SoilEnliven 4 oz. Covers up to 5000 Sq. Ft.


Invigorate Soil Health with SoilEnliven

“Feed the soil, not the plants!” is an old gardening adage and still words to live by today. By feeding the soil we invigorate it with energy and vitality.

The 4 ounce bottle will cover an average 5000 sq. ft. lawn or garden.  Give it a try today.

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“Feed the soil, not the plants!” is an old gardening adage and still words to live by today. By feeding the soil we invigorate it with energy and vitality.

Consider healthy soil as a complex living organism providing essential functions for plants that they cannot provide for themselves. This complex organism we call soil has its own nutritional requirements that support the various activities that occur inside of it; the activity of insects, of earthworms, of organic decomposition, of air flow, of water flow and ultimately of plant growth. These elements all play a role in decomposing and storing nutrients in the soil to be used by growing plants. Healthy soil is vital to healthy plants.

Soil microbes are the primary component of a healthy living soil. They act as the digestive system for plants and are not only desired but are actually required for plant growth. These micro-organisms work the same way the micro-organisms from yogurt we call pro-biotics, work in our digestive tracts. These organisms that are in the soil also sustain an environment favorable to the other soil inhabitants that can also add to healthy plant growth. Soils lacking in microbial activity, such as deserts, also lack other soil inhabitants and plants, while soils thriving in microbes, such as rain forests, are teaming with a wide variety of soil life and ultimately plant growth. These living soils are able to rapidly process old forest growth and convert their nutrients into simpler chemical compounds that can be absorbed by new forest growth.

It has been written that the future of gardening and lawn care will focus less on chemical fertilizers and more on pro-biotic processes heading in the same direction modern medicine is taking. Guess what? The future is here. SoilEnliven encourages the very pro-biotic processes that help deliver essential nutrients required for healthy living soil that works to build stronger healthier plants.

We have learned that chemical fertilizers can end up masking soil issues which can lead to excessive fertilizer use. This can damage soil biology with a build-up of nitrates and fertilizer salts and can damage soil texture and structure ending up as poor plant growth. It is this very damage to the soil that has turned us to the pro-biotic solutions for our soils. It is not that chemical fertilizers are bad; in fact they can really make things pop when used responsibly in conjunction with smart biological solutions.

SoilEnliven is a blend of pro-biotic nutrients designed to invigorate soil health and encourage the natural enzyme production processes in the soil to accelerate the breakdown of old organic matter into both chemical and organic fertilizers, converting them into nutrient forms more compatible to the natural form plants use. These nutrients are stored in the soil where they are available for roots to access using their normal organic processes. These healthy microbes provide biological chelation of existing soil minerals which can help deliver a better balance of nutrients to plants.

SoilEnliven will work to improve the physical health and strength of the soil. Healthy soil provides the micro-nutrients that aid in the process of create beautiful vibrant colors in flowers or boosting the nutritional content of fruits and vegetables.

  • Digests nutrients and fertilizers in the soil for plant usage
  • Improves plant health and growth while using less fertilizer/li>
  • Help reduce downstream fertilizer pollution by using less fertilizer
  • Aids in breaking down thatch and other organic matter in the soil
  • Promotes development of rich soil

SoilEnliven will Improve Flower Gardens

SoilEnliven will improve Vegetable Gardens

SoilEnliven will Improve Lawn Health

Improve flower growth and bloom

Helps deliver available trace minerals to plants improving the nutritional value of garden crops.

Assists in decomposition of thatch

Helps improve nutrient delivery for stronger stems and branches for more wind resistant flowers.

Helps improve nutrient delivery for stronger stems and branches to support garden crops.

Helps improve fertilizer efficiency to reduce downstream fertilizer pollution.

Improves lawn health and appearance

 Invigorate Soil Health with SoilEnliven

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