PetiGreen 16 oz. Covers up to 4500 Sq. Ft.


PetiGreen can help stop dog urine from burning and killing grass.  Dog urine can cause yellow spots to form in your lawn and quickly kill the grass.  PetiGreen is a safe, natural, holistically approach to address dog urine damage to your lawn that works to improve the ability of the soil to metabolize the urine and over time help prevent the formation of dead spots in your lawn.


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PetiGreen improves the ability of the soil to break down lawn-damaging dog urine and boost the overall health of the grass and soil. PetiGreen can be used on lawns with minimal, moderate or severe urine damage. With regular applications of PetiGreen every 6 weeks most customers see an improvement in the overall health of their lawn and a lessening of new pet urine spots within a few weeks when used as directed.  Lawns with severe urine damage or an excess of fertilizer accumulated in the soil can take longer. Existing dead spots should be reseeded 3 weeks after applying PetiGreen and then as new spots appear.


Each ounce covers up to approximately 282 square feet.  Don’t worry about exact measurements.  Several times the normal amount can be applied without any adverse effect.

We recommend proactively treating the entire area of the lawn available to your dog.

  • Apply 0.355 oz (10.5 ml) of PetiGreen™ per 100 square feet of lawn every 6 weeks.
  • Apply in temperatures above 45° F.
  • Apply using a hose end applicator designed for liquids. (Do not use Applicators designed for granulated fertilizers.)
  • Reduce the amount of nitrogen fertilizer added to the lawn. (Applying fertilizer often causes new urine spots to appear. Apply PetiGreen immediately after fertilizing to help minimize new urine spots in the lawn.)


PetiGreen™ is applied based on ounces per square feet not on ounces per gallon.

Preparation: Measure the square footage of the lawn area available to your dog.

  • Calculate application amount: (.00355 x Square Footage = MY APPLICATION AMT.)
  • Record MY APPLICATION AMOUNT in RED BOX on back of bottle for future reference.

Application: Shake bottle WELL.

  • To measure: remove white cap on dispensing cup. Gently squeeze bottle until PetiGreen reaches the 1 oz mark (30 ml). Pour contents of dispensing cup into applicator bottle.
  • Repeat as needed to measure MY APPLICATION AMT.
  • To pour: Remove black cap. Using measurement gradient on the side of bottle, pour the desired amount of PetiGreen into applicator bottle.
  • Fill remainder of the applicator bottle with water.
  • Set adjustable applicator to the 1 oz setting.
  • Apply entire contents of applicator bottle evenly to the lawn area.

Post-Application: Water lawn after every application.

  • Repeat application every 6 weeks to control new urine spots.
  • Reseed trouble spots after 3 weeks.
  • Undiluted PetiGreen can be stored for up to 60 months in a closed upright position.

For severe conditions PetiGreen can be applied every week for a 6-week period then implement the standard 6 week application schedule.

For questions or concerns call 801-889-2350.


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Total Nitrogen (N) …………………………………  6.0%
Sulfur (S) ………………………………………………. 0.75%

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