SandMend 1 gal (128 oz.) Covers up to 43560 Sq. Ft.


Start improving your sandy soil today!

SandMend™ naturally works to improve the structure and nutrient holding capacity of sandy soil. It encourages biological activity that works to build soil humus and improve soil pH and nutrient storage.

The end result… richer more dense soil to support more abundant plant growth!

The 1 gallon bottle will cover an average 43560 sq. ft. lawn or garden.  Give it a try today.

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SandMend™ works to improve the structure of sandy soil and increase the nutrient holding capacity of the soil.  SandMend™ contains carbon and organic acids that provide an improved soil environment that will help to sustain a healthy population of beneficial soil microbes.  These all work together to process and hold nutrients to the soil helping to reduce downstream pollution from fertilizers.  Soil microbes help bind sandy soil particles together giving sandy soil more body.  SandMend™ works synergistically with soil macro organisms to help increase humus in the soil that gives further improvement to sandy soil.  SandMend™ can help you achieve more abundant plant growth in unproductive sandy soil.


Each ounce covers up to approximately 340 square feet.  Don’t worry about exact measurements.  Several times the normal amount can be applied without any adverse effect.

  • Apply 0.294 oz (8.69 ml) of SandMend™ per 100 square feet of lawn or garden 4-5 times the first year then 2-3 times per year thereafter.
  • Apply in temperatures above 45° F.
  • Apply using a hose end applicator designed for liquids. (Do not use Applicators designed for granulated fertilizers.)
  • Tilling, turning or aerating soil will increase the amount of penetration and can speed results but is not required.

How to Apply

SandMend™ is applied based on ounces per square feet not ounces per gallon.

Till any available compost into the soil before applying SandMend™.  At the end of each growing season we recommend tilling your plant residue and other organic material (leaves, twigs, grass, additional compost, etc.) into the soil and using GardenRecycle™ to help build-up humus more rapidly in the soil.

Preparation: Measure the square footage of the lawn or garden area you would like to treat.

  • Calculate application amount: (0.002938 x Square Footage = APPLICATION AMOUNT)

Application: Shake bottle WELL.

Measure your application amount using a measuring cup or the measurement gradient on applicator bottle.

  • Fill remainder of the applicator bottle with water.
  • Set adjustable applicator to the 1 oz setting.
  • Apply entire contents of applicator bottle evenly to the lawn or garden area.

Post-Application: Water application area after each application

  • Undiluted SandMend™ can be stored for up to 60 months in a closed upright position near room temperature.

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This information is believed to be reliably accurate. Buyer and end user acknowledge and assume all liability resulting from the use of this material. Follow directions carefully. Timing, method of application, weather, plant conditions and other factors are beyond the control of the seller.

Total Nitrogen (N) ……………………………….……  6.0%
Sulfur (S) ………………………………………..…………. 0.75%

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