SoilMD 32 oz. Covers up to 21780 Sq. Ft.


Chemical toxins can enter the soil from chemical dumping but often they are simply from accidental spills or leaks from containers, equipment, or from over-application of chemical sprays (herbicides, insecticides, etc.).  SoilMD™ can break down many toxins and resuscitate chemically damaged soil.

The 32 ounce bottle will cover an average 21780 sq. ft. lawn or garden.  Give it a try today.

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SoilMD™ works to eliminate toxic chemicals from the soil by breaking them down into their base components.

Toxic chemicals can be dumped or spilled on the soil killing plants or inhibiting plant growth.  Toxic chemicals can be comprised of elements such as carbon that can actually be beneficial to the soil.  SoilMD™ works to break toxic substances down into components that are not toxic and buffer the components to the soil.  SoilMD™ works to improve the soil environment to support healthy microbial activity that in turn helps support macro organisms in the soil that then help support plant growth.  SoilMD™ can help you achieve more abundant healthy plant growth eliminating chemical toxins from the soil.


Each ounce covers up to approximately 680 square feet.  Don’t worry about exact measurements.  Several times the normal amount can be applied without any adverse effect.

  • Apply 0.15 oz (4.5 ml) of SoilMD™ per 100 square feet of application area as needed.
  • Apply in temperatures above 45° F.
  • Apply using a hose end applicator designed for liquids. (Applicators for granulated fertilizers will not properly dilute liquids and should not be used.)

How to Apply

SoilMD™ is applied based on ounces per square feet not ounces per gallon.

Preparation: Measure the square footage of the area you are treating.

  • Calculate application amount: (0015 x Square Footage = APPLICATION AMOUNT.)

Application: Shake bottle WELL.

Measure application amount using a measuring cup or the measurement gradient on applicator bottle.

  • Fill remainder of the applicator bottle with water.
  • Set adjustable applicator to the 1 oz setting.
  • Apply entire contents of applicator bottle evenly to the application area.

Post-Application: Water application area after each application.

Undiluted SoilMD™ can be stored for up to 60 months in a closed upright position near room temperature.

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Total Nitrogen (N) ……………………………….……  5.0%

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