It works!

A year ago we adopted a Chihuahua mix female and though we love her, we did not love the brown spots covering our lawn. We tried PetiGreen and noticed an almost immediate greening of our lawn. After reseeding in a few of the worst areas, you now cannot tell we have 3 dogs! We also have several chickens and like the fact that it is non-toxic. We highly recommend PetiGreen!

Beth K. – San Mateo, CA

Brought Our Flower Bed to Life

The soil in West Kaysville is clay and salty. When we built our house we brought in good planting soil for all but one flower bed in our yard. All the beds with the good soil grew well, but we could never get plants to grow in the bed that we didn’t add good top soil. We tried everything from Myke to Miracle Grow for nearly 5 years and nothing ever worked. Then last year we heard about HumicGreen ClayMend and decided to give it a try. We applied it to our bad flower bed and by summer the plants were growing a-maz-ing! Honestly, I couldn’t believe it worked that fast. The flowers were huge and beautiful and the puny Rose of Sharon plants exploded. We had some left over from the bed, so we tried it in our garden and the results were awesome. The peaches were bigger than ever. This product really works!

Chris H. – Kaysville, UT

Works Great!

I have used the product for about a year. Sometimes when I’m out mowing my lawn, people driving down my street will stop and tell me I have the best looking lawn in the neighborhood. The neighbor’s milkman and his young son even knocked on my door one day because his son noticed there we’re no brown spots on my lawn and wondered what my secret was. Thanks Humic Green!

Ken H. – Salt Lake City, UT

Spot On – Spot Gone

I was looking for something to treat the brown urine spots in my lawn caused my wife’s Lhasa and compounded by my daughter’s English Bull Dog visits to our house. It was a battle between the two dogs of which could mark the most territory, with me and my lawn being the loser. I tried Peti Green and was amazed at the results. After applying once this past summer, I re-applied it again later this fall. The brown spots diminished and were gone with no new spots this fall. I had a nice green lawn all the way to this winter. I am planning on applying it in the spring and throughout this next year making this a part of my lawn treatment. I wished I had come across this product sooner!

Jon H. – South Ogden, UTLoyal Customer


I have a Bichon Frise who is just adorable, but the lawn spots he leaves are not! I purchased Pet-I-Green and applied it every six weeks during the Spring and Summer, and my lawn was green and beautiful by October. Currently is covered with snow, but I’ll be back applying Pet-I-Green in the Spring. I just put into my hose sprayer and let it fill with water and then covered my lawn. It is very easy to use.

Maggie – Salt Lake City, UTLoyal Customer


Even the neighbor’s can’t tell we have pets! All the spots in our yard are totally GONE!

Dianne M. – American Fork, UT

Two Dogs

My tiny back lawn was really suffering from the attentions of my two dogs, Boston and Clooney. Thank goodness I found Petigreen or I am afraid I would have no lawn at all. I had huge bare spots everywhere, and since my house faces south, the north facing back lawn gets little sun. The combination of dog urine and lack of sun was disasterous. This past summer I started applying Petigreen, and can I see the difference! I have lawn — by summer’s end, I would even call it lush!! I swear by this product!!

Jean L. – Holladay, UT

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