Claymend works

I live in Las Vegas and was having a hard time getting my grass to look healthy. We have a lot of clay in our soil and my grass was having a very hard time growing. In spots it looked blotchy and sparce. I tried different products and nothing seemed to help. My son recommended Claymend. I could not believe the difference! It is now healthy and beautiful. I even had some professional lawn care workers come over to my house to ask me what I was using on my grass! Thank you for making such an excellent product! I recommend it to all my friends.

Cathy J. – Las Vegas

ClayMend Works!

I tested ClayMend and it works! Late last fall just before the first snow storm I harrowed a 1.5 acre dry farm field to breakup the soil surface and then applied ClayMend at the rate of 1 gallon per acre. This dry farm field is a combination of grass and alfalfa planted 7 years ago. Over the past 7 years crop production had gone down and was very poor. After applying ClayMend last fall the yeild this year was amazing, given the dry winter and spring. The total crop yeild was 101 70 lb. bails of hay (67 bails per acre. The 3.5 acre dry farm field next to the 1.5 acre dry farm field, that was not treated with ClayMend, produced 129 70 lb. bails of hay (36 bails per acre.The end result, the field treated with ClayMend produced 82% more hay than the field not treated with ClayMend. This was a good test because both fields are dry farms re-planted 7 years ago with the exact same seed combination of grass and alfalfa. ClayMend works! I am going to apply it to all of my fields this fall.

Bruce S. – Morgan, UTLoyal Customer

THE most AMAZING Product

We built a new home last year and so we’ve had to start from scratch and create all new flower beds. Once we tried to take a spade to the soil, we realized that we were dealing with serious clay! Ever since the soil thawed, I have worked for hours trying to amend the soil. I’ve brought in more top soil, and worked in compost and spaghnum peat, it all helped, but it was still a battle. I was searching the internet for help on solving my clay issue and came across ClayMend. I figured I had nothing to lose. After just one application, I let it sit overnight, and the next day I started to work the garden and the earth was crumbling before my eyes! This is the real deal and worth every penny!! After applying, I pulled my plants out of the ground and re-planted. They are now growing and looking healthier every day! This stuff is MAGIC! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Desiree

Desiree – Iowa

Very Happy With the Results!

My neighbor treated my damaged dying lawn with ClayMend, HumicGranules, BioBuilder and GreenZyme. It came back much sooner than expected and seems to need less watering. I’m very happy with the results.

Nate B. – Salt Lake City, UT

It Worked Wonders!

Unfortunately, I had my English Laurel bush trimmed by a very inexperienced person. It was in such bad shape I thought it would have to be removed. I was upset, as it had been there a number of years and would leave a large bare spot at my front door.  At my Neighbors suggestion, I applied ClayMend and Humic Granules around “Winston” as I call him; and it worked wonders. He is almost as good as new.  P.S. The Nasturtiums around the base outdid themselves!

M. A. Barney – Salt Lake City, UT

It works!

A year ago we adopted a Chihuahua mix female and though we love her, we did not love the brown spots covering our lawn. We tried PetiGreen and noticed an almost immediate greening of our lawn. After reseeding in a few of the worst areas, you now cannot tell we have 3 dogs! We also have several chickens and like the fact that it is non-toxic. We highly recommend PetiGreen!

Beth K. – San Mateo, CA

Brought Our Flower Bed to Life

The soil in West Kaysville is clay and salty. When we built our house we brought in good planting soil for all but one flower bed in our yard. All the beds with the good soil grew well, but we could never get plants to grow in the bed that we didn’t add good top soil. We tried everything from Myke to Miracle Grow for nearly 5 years and nothing ever worked. Then last year we heard about HumicGreen ClayMend and decided to give it a try. We applied it to our bad flower bed and by summer the plants were growing a-maz-ing! Honestly, I couldn’t believe it worked that fast. The flowers were huge and beautiful and the puny Rose of Sharon plants exploded. We had some left over from the bed, so we tried it in our garden and the results were awesome. The peaches were bigger than ever. This product really works!

Chris H. – Kaysville, UT

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