At the time we adopted Blue we did not have grass in our back yard, I installed SOD last summer (ST. Augustine) so that Blue could enjoy running around on grass. At first, I was discouraged when our grass would completely die everywhere Blue urinated. I started using PetiGreen last year (about November), and it has been working pretty well for me (and blue). I intend on continued use of Petigreen to keep my lawn looking beautiful, and i have already recommended the product to several dog owners that i have come in contact with at our local dog park.

Jeff C. – Canyon Country, CA

Baron and Baxter desperately hate winter! All winter long, they take one step off the patio and pee! It leaves us with a giant dead spot when spring arrives. I apply PetiGreen and seed it, and it’s back in no time!

Linda B. – Hudson, WI

It’s [PetiGreen] the only thing I’ve found to combat the stream of urine this guy produces!  He is now 2 years old and weighs 85 pounds. I’ve seen him stand in one place for nearly 2 minutes emptying his bladder! Oy vey!

Roger I. – Austin, TX

With a family of basset hounds our backyard was taking its toll. Dead spots, yellow spots and dying grass was the yard. We started using PetiGreen in early Spring. By midsummer we had a good looking lawn again, with new growth and minimal burn spots. Now in September the yard is green once more.
We are extremely happy with your product.

Don D. – Salt Lake City, UT

This stuff works!

I have been looking for a solution to the pet urine problem and have tried dozens of products of which none worked. We have two labs and a medium to small backyard that we spend a lot of time in. The urine spots burned holes in the grass to create a very bad patch of grass throughout the yard and it has been frustrating for me since the rest of the yard is beautiful. I was skeptical to try this product due to historical failures. A applied to my yard and started noticing improvements. I had direct interaction via e-mail with the founders who helped guide me in the application amount, frequency, etc. My yard is now finally conditioned to handle pet urine without dying or being discolored. This product will soon be in every lawn and garden store and vet clinic across the country.

Dave M. – Austin, TXLoyal Customer

Extremely Happy With the Results

I used your 3-2-1 approach with the PetiGreen that I purchased and am extremely happy with the results. I just ordered another shipment. Thank you!

Susan G. – Trenton, NJLoyal Customer

Please Don’t Stop Selling It

Just wanted to say I just reordered your PetiGreen product. I am amazed it really works. I was skeptical at first but after just one application I saw results. I have had problems with dog urine spots for years, since my last dog. Can’t believe I’m seeing some hope for my lawn. Please don’t stop selling it.

Dawn S. – Nensalem, PALoyal Customer

I’m Amazed

I wasn’t expecting much because of my previous experience with products that I have tried to keep my two female German Shepherds from polka-dotting the lawn. I felt an obligation to myself to try PetiGreen because I’ve tried everything else I’ve come across. Boy, was I surprised! I started in April with the “3,2,1,Go” procedure and now, 3 months later, the results amaze me – no more brown spots!

John S. – Rio Rancho, NM

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