With a family of basset hounds our backyard was taking its toll. Dead spots, yellow spots and dying grass was the yard. We started using PetiGreen in early Spring. By midsummer we had a good looking lawn again, with new growth and minimal burn spots. Now in September the yard is green once more.
We are extremely happy with your product.

Don D. – Salt Lake City, UT

Best my lawn has ever looked!

I used claymend on my lawn this spring and I will say this is the best my lawn has ever looked through out the hot summer months we have in Nevada. It stayed bright green even in July and August.  My neighbors all ask what i use on my lawn as it is they best lawn they have seen. It really works.

James J. – Lovelock, NV

Dramatically Improved The Soil

New ImageI just wanted to get back in touch to say just how impressed I am with the results of your company’s product.  After only 2 applications, the soil in my garden is transforming.  It is richer, darker and actually clumping (which it frustratingly never did before).  I am blown away with the results and can honestly say that Clay Mend does exactly what it promises to do.  It is a first rate product.

I am attaching some before and after pictures.  They give a very good idea, but do not fully illustrate how dramatically improved the soil is.  My garden this Spring is going to thrive.

Thank you for all your assistance, and thank you HumicGreen for such a great product.

Keith L. – Kissimmee, FL

This is an amazing product!

I used your ClayMend product again and let me tell you how impressed I am! This is an amazing product!

Shelli M. – McAlester, OK

This stuff works!

I have been looking for a solution to the pet urine problem and have tried dozens of products of which none worked. We have two labs and a medium to small backyard that we spend a lot of time in. The urine spots burned holes in the grass to create a very bad patch of grass throughout the yard and it has been frustrating for me since the rest of the yard is beautiful. I was skeptical to try this product due to historical failures. A applied to my yard and started noticing improvements. I had direct interaction via e-mail with the founders who helped guide me in the application amount, frequency, etc. My yard is now finally conditioned to handle pet urine without dying or being discolored. This product will soon be in every lawn and garden store and vet clinic across the country.

Dave M. – Austin, TXLoyal Customer

What a difference!

I wish I’d taken “before” pictures, because the difference after just two applications is quite remarkable and I just don’t think people will believe how bad the clay was. I’m also thinking the ClayMend was responsible for the second bloom on my weigela, by way of making the nutrients in the clay more accessible. After the first application I spaded up big clods. Then I did another application and honestly, those clods were breaking apart right before my eyes. I didn’t touch them! I will be purchasing more because I’ve only done two-thirds of the way around the house so far and I have a lot more planting I’d like to do. Now I can spend my money on plants instead of landscaper fees to ready the ground for planting!

Joanie T. – Grayslake, IL

Extremely Happy With the Results

I used your 3-2-1 approach with the PetiGreen that I purchased and am extremely happy with the results. I just ordered another shipment. Thank you!

Susan G. – Trenton, NJLoyal Customer

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