Red Clay Soil

Improving Georgia Red Clay

Georgia Red Clay is the common name for a soil found in Georgia that is red in color.  It is prevalent in other locations as well. Though it is called clay it actually classified as Ultisol. The red clay gets its color from iron oxide.  It is typically acidic because rainfall leaches calcium from the soil.  The lower the calcium, the lower the pH becomes.  That makes it more acidic. Georgia Red Clay has some characteristics that behave like traditional clay soil.  It can seem hard and dense just like clay.  In fact there are other red clay soils that are alkaline.  They are often in arid regions.  They also get their color from iron oxide.  These red clay soils can be rich in calcium.  ClayMend can improve the structure of Georgia Red Clay whether they are alkaline or acidic.  It encourages organic activity that can help move soil pH toward neutral again whether the soil is alkaline or acidic.  Addition of calcium will help improve soil pH in Georgia Red Clay that is acidic until it once again becomes leached out of the soil by rain.

Improving the productivity of your Georgia red clay soil is possible.  ClayMend is a liquid soil amendment that promotes an increase in biological activity.  This helps improve the pH of Georgia red clay soil and other soils that have a pH imbalance.  It can help the clay hold calcium and it is held in the soil in a form usable by plants. We recommend adding organic matter such as compost to the soil in addition to ClayMendClayMend will help the compost break down and aid in formation of humus. Humus also helps add nutrient holding capacity to the soil.  More nutrients stored in the soil means more nutrients available to plants.  ClayMend will also help support macro-organisms in the soil such as earthworms. The activity from these organisms will also help improve the clay and improve soil fertility.  These improvements can all add up making the soil more inviting to plant growth.  Together they will help Georgia Red Clay grow stronger healthier plants.

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