Learn about dog urine and how to minimize the effect it has on your lawn.

Yellow Grass Spots

Why is Dog Urine Killing My Grass?

There is an analogy we use when explaining why dog urine burns a lawn. Think of a dog urine spot as evidence your lawn is overweight and has a slow metabolism. A burn spot in your lawn is the result of an excessive amount of nitrogen found in dog urine. This nitrogen has overwhelming the soil’s ability to metabolize it into usable growth nutrients. Like an overweight person, the soil has consumed too many “calories”… Continue reading

Dog Urine Grass Repair

Dog Urine Grass Repair

The joy of pet ownership can be diminished by damage that pet urine can do to your lawn. In our article Neutralize Dog Urine we talk about some of the causes that damage grass by dog urine. We also talk about the importance of biological activity in the soil and how PetiGreen can help with excess salt and nitrogen that is in urine. After taking steps to repair damaging effects urine has on the soil we need to do something to repair the damage that has occurred to the grass. Continue reading