The Spots Completely Disappeared

I no longer have any pets, but my neighbors have cats and one cat in particular comes over to my lawn to “visit”. I quite like the cat, and the fact that it keeps rodents out of my garden, but I don’t enjoy the damage it does to my lawn. You wouldn’t think one little cat could burn the lawn so badly. I used some PetiGreen and within a couple of weeks the spots that were there completely disappeared. I reapplied after the suggested 6 weeks and have not had any more spots in my lawn. Pretty cool!

Dave H. – Salt Lake City, UTLoyal Customer

The Spots Were Greatly Diminished

We have three large dogs one German and two Belgian Sheppard’s and a new lawn. The damage these dogs did to the lawn was significant. My family members had told me about PetiGreen and have had great results in the front but as the dogs run is in the back yard the back lawn gets used much more by all the dogs. The spots were greatly diminished on the back lawn. I am waiting for the next delivery of PetiGreen to reapply on the back lawn and I am excited to see the brown pee spots disappear even with the extra heavy use from all the dogs.

Katie R. – Provo, UTLoyal Customer

Our Lawn Has Never Looked Better!

My family and I love Thunder our 105 lbs black Labrador retriever is a great addition to our family. But I do not love the effects he has on the lawn and plants. As with many families we enjoy having family and friends over for parties around the fire pit and BBQ during the summer. Thunders pee spots were really causing my wife a lot of embarrassment. We are so thankful we have found PetiGreen we no longer have any yellow pee spots in the lawn and the whole lawn has never looked better. Thanks HumicGreen.

William J. – Springville, UTLoyal Customer

We Will Keep Applying PetiGreen

We found PetiGreen through a referral from my brother. Our female chocolate Labrador retriever was causing our side lawn to look like a battle field with yellowing and brown urine spots through the entire lawn. After trying several lawn services we had no improvement in the lawns quality. After we applied PetiGreen the dog urine spots started to grow back and the lawn is starting to look better (no new spots). We will keep applying PetiGreen and expect that the lawn will look great soon.

Emma J. – Provo, UtahLoyal Customer

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