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At HumicGreen we develop simple solutions to complex problems™ designed to improved plant health and productivity as well as to tackle tough soil problems.

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Healthy soil is a living organism that provides nutritional support for plants but also has nutritional needs of its own. For those who think of soil as nothing more than dirt, it may take an attitude adjustment to view soil as a living collection of creatures, along with minerals and bits of living material. Healthy Soil is rich in organic matter, insects, earthworms, air, water and nutrients. Healthy soil is a must for all plants to be healthy.

Through the overuse of certain chemical fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides and an inadequate amount of organic plant matter in the soil, microbial populations have been depleted. These soil microbes are a critical element in healthy soil and health plants.

The good news is that technological advances now enable us to understand, isolate, and reintroduce microbial species into the soil to repair the damage and restore healthy microbial communities that sustain our crops and aid in reversing tough soil conditions. At HumicGreen we have isolated specific organic substances that solve specific soil problems like opening up heavy soils or dislodging salts and other elements that have become ties up in the soil improving plant health and productivity.

The future of gardening and yard care will focus less on chemical fertilizers and more on biological processes in the same way medicine is turning away from synthesized drugs and chemicals and leaning more on pro-biotic solutions for improved health and better delivery of nutrients to our bodies.

At HumicGreen we develop biological solutions that start in the soil and aid the systemic processes that form a better delivery of nutrients to our plants. These systemic changes improve efficiency in nutrient management, improved water usage, reduced fertilizer requirements, and more balanced nutrient delivery to plants. By utilizing natural soil processes all of our products are environmentally sustainable and safe for family and pets.