Improving Clay Soil Around Trees and Shrubs

Improving Clay Soil Around Trees & Shrubs

Have you ever planted a tree or shrub in clay soil only to have them grow poorly and die a few years later? Additionally when you dig them up up you notice the roots never grew outside of the original hole. That is a good representation of how the dense structure of clay can impair healthy root growth.  Clay soil around trees and shrubs can simply impede growth.

Trees and Shrubs can struggle in clay because of its fine soil particles that can get tightly packed and result in a dense soil structure. This dense structure mechanically locks up nutrients, restricts root development and resists air and water flow resulting in poor drainage.   Roots remain near the surface leaving them susceptible to heat and pests as well as requiring more frequent watering.

The soil functions as a digestion system for the plants. Soil microbes break down complex elements like fertilizer and compost.  They store the nutrients in a form called soil humus. Soil humus is important for healthy Trees and Shrubs. Clay soil can be lacking in soil bacteria, microbes and soil humus.

ClayMend is ideally suited to help improve clay soil around trees and shrubs.  It comes in a liquid form that is easy to apply and can get down around the roots deeper into the soil.  It addresses the causes of destructive dispersion and then helps to build a better soil structure.  It helps break down organic material, and the restructuring results in a more open porous structure with improved air flow, water flow and fertilizer efficiency.  Since water and nutrients can penetrate deeper into the soil so can the root systems drawing them away from the surface giving them more protection from the elements.

ClayMend can be applied to back fill when you are planting new trees and shrubs, sprayed directly on your planted area and then watered into the soil.  For slightly faster results turn the soil with a shovel or tiller and apply ClayMend. This will accelerate the process because the ClayMend can get further into the clay soil faster.

With hard dense clay apply ClayMend every 4 weeks for 3-4 applications to accelerate the repair process. Once the process is underway 1-2 applications a year should maintain the healthy clay environment.

Applying compost while treating the soil with ClayMend will also benefit your Trees and Shrubs. The microbial activity will break down the compost and add additional nutrients and humus to the soil.
If your trees and shrubs are stressed due to hard clay soil give ClayMend a try.  Start with a small bottle and see some results in just a few months.

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